Mat Rempit files damage suit

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KLANG:  A 21-year-old member of the notorious Mat Rempit biker gang ‘Skinny Guys Who Wear Sunglasses in Malls’ is filing a malpractice suit against Dr. Poon Ah Koh, Head Surgeon at Sunway Hospital.

Yusoff Bin Ahmad performed his trademark high-risk “superman” stunt at 3.00am, 22nd January trashing his bike near a pothole on the Shah Alam Expressway.  Yusoff was thrown well clear but was seriously injured when he landed in Subung.

 “We treat 7-10 cases like Yusoff every week” admitted Dr. Poon in an interview. “But he was really in a mess when the ambulance brought him in.   Its’ easy for something to go wrong given the circumstances.”

After emergency surgery, FMN learned Dr Poon had mistakenly grafted Yusoff’s head on his shoulders facing backwards.  He told reporters later “This is the one time a Mat Rempit rode with his jacket the right way round.  Who would’ve thought?”

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