Johor welcomes Singaporean tourists

Submitted by: Southern Regional Editor
JOHOR:  Wealthy visitors from Singapore have enjoyed the many delights available to them just across the Causeway in Johor.    Popular attractions include the famous ‘Ripe Mangoes’ KTV, challenging un-kept golf greens, cheap seafood, subsidized Ron 93 petrol and the ability to purchase counterfeit Blu-ray disks for 20 ringgit.

Tourists are concerned about the high crime rate knowing car thieves target Singaporean luxury cars.  Police unfortunately almost never recover these stolen vehicles.

“The key to reducing crime in Johor is teaching our youth relevant Job skills.” Explained State Govt. representative Omar Bin Hashim.   “The government has subsidised one particularly popular programme amongst the young, teaching how to recondition unwanted luxury vehicles so they can be exported to lucrative overseas markets in Indonesia and Africa.”

Some Singaporean crime victims have reported being robbed of not just their vehicles, but also cash, jewelry, watches and designer clothes, and then left pitifully by the side of the road in their underwear.

“Semi dressed tourists are a serious problem.” said Johor Tourism Director Mohd Rahman “To uphold standards of modesty we introduced a convenient shuttle bus service to escort underwear clad Singaporean robbery victims back across the Causeway.   We now also have a designated express ‘Police Report Lane’ at Malaysian Immigration.   We think with these tailored services, Singaporean visitors will tell all their friends about Johor.”


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