Foreigners praise Malaysia’s economic policies

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PUTRA JAYA: ‪The Prime Minister announced a gazillion ringgit Malaysian stimulus package today to ensure the country avoids the economic slowdown plaguing Europe and the USA. “These significant infrastructure projects will assist those struggling in Malaysia and support our economy. “ He said in a statement.

Shortly after, cheers for the Malaysian stimulus were heard in Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Cambodia.

In Dhaka, a spokesman for the Bangladeshi foreign workers collective was among the supporters. “Its wonderful news for the Bangladesh economy knowing these roads, royal palaces and bridges will be built in Malaysia by foreign workers like us.”

A Vietnamese worker in Da Nang also celebrated. “We are so thankful to Malaysian tax payers for their support. I can work in Malaysia, send my salary back to our hometown and boost our economy here. We love you Malaysia. Thanks for helping Vietnam.”

Principal Dean Johns from the Eton College, Berkshire U.K. also praised the government’s stimulus. “We welcome the package as we always see more Malaysian enrolments – the children of Government personnel and GLC Directors.” High end designer jewellery and watch retailers in London reported similar improvements.

Minister for Employment Datuk Seri Manaf Bin Said explained “Foreign labor is essential for Malaysia’s growth. We need their help because all local employees are really busy already.” He then left the briefing to adjudicate the Civil Servant Minesweeper and Solitaire PC Game Olympics running all this week at Putra Jaya.




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