Aini finds her ‘Cinta Kacang’


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KUCHING: Aini Gendut, 22-year-old pop superstar has denied numerous wedding rumors despite her publicist leaking regular press releases since February of her engagement to 82-year-old Sarawakian chief tycoon Datuk Seri Komatos Bin Abdulla.

The charming couple met on 3rd November 2011 the day after Datuk K divorced his fourth wife. Aini told FMN “We met and fell in love moments after he agreed to sponsor production costs for my debut album Cinta Kacang.”

The couple married in a private ceremony 2 weeks ago at the Datuk’s private intensive care hospital. His military training from the 50’s served him well as he blinked his Akad Nikah vows in Morse Code. Many were moved to tears from the service and the purified oxygen in the ICU.

Wannabe celebrities and semi-senior politicians attended the gala wedding reception at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel Kuching last night. Once the the TV3 telecast started, Aini performed all 12 songs from her upcoming album for her love struck husband who was resuscitated only twice.

Regrettably Datuk K is unable to join his new bride on their honeymoon as the planned trip to Paris coincides with his move to the top of an organ recipient queue. Accompanying her instead will be her 24-year-old voice coach and personal trainer, Mohd Zaid bin Abs.

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