Malaysian politicians model hot new designs at 2012 Fashion Awards

Submitted by: Our Fabulous Fashion Editor
fashion4PAVILION MALL KL: Fashionistas in Malaysia are squealing with excitement this week in anticipation of hot new designs that will set red carpets alight at the 2012 Barisan Nasional Fashion Design Awards.

Inside sources have informed FMN, that the latest must-have accessory that fashion conscious Malaysian politicians can’t do without is…

…a rich tycoon!

“They are just so versatile!” exclaimed Minister for Building Impractical Things in Towns without Water, Datuk Sri Hamid Bin Ibrahim. “A rich tycoon is very flattering to my figures and goes with anything! Bridges, airport upgrades, underground tunnels, MRT extensions and highways! Seriously I couldn’t do anything without at least one in my pocket!”

But some MP’s have learned to accessorize. Said one politician, “For closed contract negotiations I like to throw one Malay tycoon and one Chinese-Malaysian tycoon onto the short list just so I’m ready for any occasion!” A Minister from Johor explained, “You never know how these negotiations can turn out, and if they split up the contract between bidders you can always combine tycoons and throw together an exciting new design that will definitely raise a few eyebrows around town!”

However fashion expert Pierre Chong was less enthusiastic. “These guys prance around like they invented high fashion. But I’ve seen variations of these designs on Malaysian catwalks since the 1960’s! Government buying land from tycoons above market price and splitting the difference, selling oil rich reserves to Brunei, nominating proxy directors on GLC boards, even reopening closed bids to get your tycoon to the top of the pile is like sooo last season darling! If we make some noise we might get something different next year sweetie, but right now it’s the same old rubbish.“


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