Youth paid to volunteer

Submitted by: Young Hipster Editor

KLCC PARK: In a bid to stop young people from rioting against his administration, the Prime Minister announced on Sunday the 14U24ME National Volunteer programme to a ‘media reported’ crowd of 2 million kids wearing free tee-shirts.

The PM connected with the normally apathetic youthful crowd by finger painting graffiti on public property, giving out branded bike helmets, introducing a poor man with no hands, then performing his hit single.

“There are many ways young people can volunteer to improve the nation,” said the PM.   “Plant some trees, help old ladies cross the street, clean a beach, give out BN leaflets, or make dirty movies of men resembling opposition leaders in hotel rooms.”

“Volunteering honorably is its own reward. The BN believes this so strongly, we will reward you with RM100 million of taxpayer’s money to learn this firsthand.”

“Remember,” said the PM to the cheering crowd, “when you volunteer, you must never forget the genuinely needy and by that we mean Barisan Nasional. We really genuinely need you to vote for us so we can stay in power.”


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