Workers demand fair wages

Submitted by: Industrial Relations Editor

currencyKUALA LUMPUR:  Malaysian workers across the country are celebrating the government’s promise that employees be treated fairly and equally.  FMN met with several supporters of the new policy;

“All we want is the same working conditions across the board.   Why should one group of workers get paid more than we do if they are basically doing the exact same thing?” one 24-year-old employee told FMN.

“In Johor, I had to stand in the hot sun for 2 hours and cheer the Sultan at Istana Pasir Pelangi for a recent “We love the King’s new number plates” rally.  The 12,000 of us cheering who weren’t UMNO or NGO got only a BN Youth Tee-shirt and $30 Ringgit each!  I heard Workers in Kuala Lumpur at the 1Malaysia rallies were getting not just an “I love Najib” Tee-shirt, but Maggi Mee tom yam flavor, $50 Ringgit and a bus ride back from the event!”

Selangor workers were quick to respond. “We get more than southern workers because we work so much harder.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to cheer at endless 1Malaysia rallies mindlessly clapping like trained seals for the cameras?   Seriously we should get BN shirts and caps, kopi aik cheong, Maggi Mee kari flavor and RM70 at least to listen to THIS Prime Minister’s pre-election jabbering!”



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