Minister scolded for business ‘conflict of interests’

Submitted by: Prawn Farming Editor.


KUALA LUMPUR:  Minister for Agriculture Noh Idiya has come under fire in parliament recently from not only opposition MPs, but also members of Barisan Nasional for his extracurricular activities.

One MP told FMN, “Noh keeps throwing parliamentary sessions into chaos by promoting his toxic ‘Bubba Chump’ buka puasa recipies.  It’s disruptive because Noh himself smells like rancid belacan!   I’m gagging so much, I can barely listen to the house speaker when stinky Noh is seated near me.”

MP Noh was quick to return fire, “What’s the fuss?  These guys love our cooking.  We have sambal udang, kari laksa udang, satay udang, lemak udang nanas, sambal goreng udang, cucur udang, sambal tumis ikan bilis and udang, udang sinar mentari, udang goreng tumis pedas, udang bakar, umai udang, rempah udang, pelas udang, udang masak lemak nenas, pulut udang, mee udang, cucuk udang, sambal petai udang, BBQ udang, mee rebus udang, sambal telur and oh yes, nasi ayam which we make with udang.”

“I’m a successful Minister businessman is that such a crime?  The Agricultural Ministery that I lead, approved acres of commercial land for prawning, which has coincidently helped the business.  The Agro Bank, loans have also been a big help.  We have been literally raking it in!”

FMN learned Noh was scolded later by several BN partly leaders.  One told him, “Are you out of your mind? This obvious open conflict of interests is against everything UMNO stand for. Don’t you have a nominee?  You should put the business in a daughter, son-in-law or cousin’s name so you don’t attract so much attention!”




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