PM admitted to hospital

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KUALA LUMPUR:  The Prime Minister was taken to a private ward at Gleneagles Hospital yesterday morning.

He reported discomfort to his personal physician Dr. Yusri Bin Manaf that his gruelling ‘janji ditepati’ schedule is taking its toll leading up to the elections.

FMN were informed the PM was “very moved and grateful” for cards, full-page press sponsored advertisements and flowers from so many government linked organisations and even his wife’s personal aide paid him a short visit.

Dr. Yusri explained to the press, “The Prime Minister underwent a minor procedure last night.  Specialists investigating the source of his pain performed a routine colonoscopy, which revealed a number of George Kent directors lodged deep in his colon.  Given the difficulties removing them, it was decided they remain where they are and the PM be treated only for his discomfort.  This is a common affliction for Barisan Nasional Ministers and a consequence of his personal dedication to the Ampang LRT project.

“We expect the PM to make a full recovery and be ready for more negotiations in a few days.”



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