Horror film director runs afoul of Malaysian Actors Union

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SELANGOR:  Award winning Malaysian film director Jamil Mohd Alias has had a string of unforgettable horror movies over the years, but is most famous for “Scary chick with wet hair covering her face” and its sequel, “Another scary chick with wet hair covering her face too.”

Unfortunately in 2011, the Malaysian Film Censorship Board refused to release his bold vision, “Naked tollbooth lesbian vampires.”  A spokesman for the board explained to FMN the released film would disappoint Jamil fans with a running time of only seven minutes once inappropriate scenes were cut.

In his newest project being filmed entirely one afternoon in Selangor National Park, Jamil has taken the unprecedented step of filming only amateur actors in his upcoming “Malaysian Zombie Apocalypse 1.0

“This is completely unfair!” said Nada Rafali President of the Malaysian Actors Union, “Why is Jamil taking a chance with unproven talent? We have so many brilliant professional Zombie actors that need work!”

“I just wasn’t getting what I wanted from typical method actors,” Jamil told FMN. “So I decided to recruit employees from the Malaysian Department of Immigration, Department of Customs, and the Federal Public Service Commission.”

Later sharing some of the gruesome zombie film footage with FMN Jamil grinned broadly, “See? Nobody can do soulless undead like the Malaysian civil service!”



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