Riot police break up company picnic

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LAKE GARDENS: The M-Bank annual staff picnic day turned ugly on Saturday when police welding riot gas and water cannons turned on company employees.

“We just saw all these yellow M-Bank company shirts and did what we were trained to do.  I guess we were kind of on auto pilot,” admitted Chief of Police Mohd Bashir.

Officers stood down once M-Bank families were able to convince police beverage inspectors that employees were carrying sirup,  not salt or water as suspected.  CEO of M-bank Dato Suli Bin Othman held no grudges and after helping some of his injured staff, read a statement given to him by an officer, “The police do an excellent job of upholding order and public safety in Malaysia and M-Bank would like to thank them for their help.”

Riot police eventually overcame their fears of the government being overthrown, and ate picnic briyani rice with the remaining bank employees once riot gas cleared.   For the cameras CEO Dato Suli shared a teh tarik with Police Chief Bashir in a show of solidarity and declared the family day a success.  Dato Suli told reporters later, “We all had a good laugh about it with police once the blood stopped flowing out of our eye sockets.”



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