Support for Opposition causes Christianity outbreak

Submitted by Spiritual Editor,

TUNIS:  A small formerly Islamic North African nation are experiencing the disastrous consequences of voting opposition parties into power.  In its October 2011 General Election, Tunisia democratically removed the corrupt Really Incompetent Party (RIP) which had ruled since 1988.

Tunisian voter Mekki Meduit told FMN, “The RIP government tried the usual things from the ‘Idiots Guide to Staying in Power’ Handbook, telling the people “change is not always good”, “better the devil you know”, “it’s better here than somewhere else really bad”, and “don’t be fooled by the sweet promises of the opposition political parties.”

“On polling day October 2011 we all voted for the opposition then went to bed after saying our evening Isha prayers.  Overnight the opposition won the ballot and by morning I had transmogrified into a Catholic Bishop, my wife became a nun and our 2 kids transformed into choirboys at the local church!  Solar powered talking Bibles appeared in the house too, secretly planted by the new Government.”

“Islam was introduced to Tunisia by conquering Arabs in the 7th century.  Who would have thought our faith was so fragile that ticking a few boxes on polling day would throw into chaos centuries of religious beliefs!  Malaysians better watch out!  You have only been practicing Islam since Indian traders introduced it 900 years ago!  I suggest you vote your rotten old government back into power no matter how incompetent, corrupt, racially divisive and suppressive it is.  It seems reelecting tired money grubbing regimes is the only way to preserve your personal spiritual choices!”

“The Tunisia Youth Facebook page warned us this would happen.  I wish we had listened.”









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