Barisan Nasional Puppet Theatre may close this year

Submitted by: Arts Editor


SELANGOR:  Malaysia’s longest running puppet show the “Teater Politik Melayu” has been fleecing, entertaining and dividing audiences for over 50 years but lately the cast are falling out with local theatre goers and may finally shut down.

“We’re doing all the things that used to make us popular but today’s audiences know all our tricks, have moved on and want something fresh.” Admitted one disgruntled performer.

The entertainers are lead by Mohd Najeeb Bin Ishak whose official title is Puppet Master but is affectionately called “PM” by the troupe.

One problem for Najeeb is stepping out of the shadow of popular former Puppet Master Mahir Bin Mohamad who thrilled audiences for 20 years before retiring in 2003 and recently published his memoir “A Puppeteer in the House” which recently won a Writers’ Guild award for “Best new fictional work.”

“I love the former PM” admitted Najeeb “ but sometimes I just wish he would shut the hell up and let me do my job.  Its hard enough dazzling audiences these days but lately the old man has been heckling during our shows!  This isn’t the 90’s anymore!  He made a fortune during his heyday so it’s surely not about the money.  Can’t he just keep quiet and retire gracefully?”


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