1Malaysia tablet is MIA not DOA

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KUALA LUMPUR:  A group of not so technically savvy computer tablet enthusiasts and children of UMNO members have been queuing outside MAXIS KLCC since February to get their hands on the yet to be launched 1Malaysia pad.   The crowd finally got a life and dispersed today when the general feeling the 1MyPad is a no show.   DildoPro Sdn Bhd left no clues to the actual release date of the 1MyPad on its comprehensive 1 page website.


Applying the 1Malaysia sticker according to Dildopro will double the value of these low cost android tablets

One tablet enthusiast told FMN, “These 1MyPads were supposed to be RM999 to the first 999 customers, but we can go to any computer store now and buy a tablet for half that price.”

Datuk Sohaimi Shahadan cow head protestor, UMNO youth chief and Chairman of DildoPro Sdn Bhd told FMN,  “Each tablet is loaded with 1Malaysia Android Gingerbread, 1Malaysia email, 1Malaysia Chat,  1Malaysia messenger and 1Malaysia browser. Today students get these crappy free 1Malaysia netbooks that only work for a month or two.  We think we can match that by giving Malaysian school children our even crappier tablets instead.“


As shown here, mentally challenged users love the 1MyPad though some insist you must be retarded to buy one.



Datuk Sohaimi said he was ready to face legal hurdles should Apple try to litigate them for copying the look at feel of the IPAD.  “We have set aside some of the RM1000 paid up capital of Dildopro to defend our intellectual property if this happens,” he said.

“Don’t worry 1MyPad fans.  There is no way we would buy cheap tablets from Shenzhen Scope Scientific Development Co at US$81 each like the Thai government did then sell them for US$320 (RM999) in Malaysia.  That would be ripping off our customers!  Our plan is to rip off taxpayers who will buy thousands of them at RM2000 each and we give them to school students.  Its a win-win all round!”

“We also think its important that Malaysians support DildoPro as a Malaysian hi tech company.  We employ only Malaysians to stick the 1Malaysia stickers on the Chinese tablets rather than resort to foreign labour. ”




This story didn’t happen.  Sort of.

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