BN election saboteurs not tolerated

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PUTRAJAYA:  UMNO leaders have been advising Barisan Nasional component party members to throw their support behind nominated candidates ahead of the upcoming General Election.  One technique deployed is the ‘parachute candidate’ where a specially groomed, educated person is dropped in ahead of other candidates in a constituency because he is the son of a former Prime Minister or for the good of the party.

“It’s important that members of BN factions be they UMNO, MIC or MCA do not cause trouble to the party’s election chances if their favorite candidate is not chosen,” said an UMNO party spokesman, “there is a lot of jostling for position now,  that’s how the BN coalition works. We need the many to stay loyal to an elite few in the improbable hope they will get their turn at a Ministerial position one day.”

“Why should I help an MP get elected when it isn’t me?” said one overlooked politician, “If they don’t field me as a candidate then  I’m going to sabotage their chances to teach them a lesson.  I may as well hop over and run as an independent and try to become an MP that way.  If elected I can bargain for goodies with whichever government wins the general election.”

One UMNO party veteran told FMN, “Ah yes, this reminds me of my formative years in the party.  Lobbying, dealing and back stabbing my way up the ranks.  You can’t blame these aspiring MPs for being angry if we don’t select them for the election, they only want the chance to get as rich as we are.”


This did not happen

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