Other side a threat to Malaysian unity

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CAMPUS:  Prof. Abdul Bin Razak Professor of Social Harmony Studies at the University of Malaya presented details of his new thesis dealing with unifying a racially and politically divided Malaysia. He captivated Students of the social harmony studies course today in a rousing lecture;

“Today I wanted to warn you all of a very real threat to our Malaysian way of life.  We must beware of those from the other side.”

“The other side want to retain in power forever if we allow them while we stay in government to ensure stability for long-term nation building.

The other side is blind to the wrongdoings of their own party members while we always believe in the integrity of our candidates .

The other side hold disruptive demonstrations while we gather publicly when necessary to send a strong message to those we disagree with.

The other side drive like maniacs while we skillfully overtake and speed up the stopping lane so we can quickly arrive at our destination.

The other side use biased media to spin lies that suit them while we only report the truth people need to know.

The other side gets special privileges, discounts and unfair business advantages while we enjoy the rightful entitlements our race or position afford us.

The other side promotes separatism and segregation while we fight to preserve the pure traditions of our race and religion.

The other side practices money politics with public funds while we use our budget to solve problems for voters at election time.

The other side resorts to smear campaigns to discredit their enemies while we warn the public about those with low morals.

The other side are beholden to foreigners while we like to be a part of the international community.

The other side rewrites history to suit them while we teach the young lessons from our past that fosters national patriotism.

The other side engages in corruption while we enjoy the extra benefits of our position as many of our colleagues in similar positions do.

The other side follow false gods and practice untrue religions while we know that we worship the one true God and only we are destined for heaven.

The other side surround themselves with cronies while we remember our obligation to reward those that supported us on our way to the top.

The other side destroys our old heritage while we implement bold reforms to move forward with the times.

The other side inconsiderately block passing traffic while we only double park when there are no spaces to be found.

The other side abandons Malaysia for foreign lands while we seek better opportunities abroad for our children’s future.

The other side flaunt their wealth while we like to show others we have achieved a level of prosperity that can afford one a few expensive luxuries.”

In his closing remarks Professor Abdul told the crowd, “For the good of the nation, I have concluded that we need to eliminate the other side as soon as possible.”


this did not happen.



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