Police seize pornography

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“Are you sure Frankenweenie isn’t porn?”


KUALA LUMPUR:  Police have been cracking down on CD and DVD vendors at the Chow kit Pasar Malam this week.

Said one DVD seller Hai Ding Ah Beng , “the police gave us several stern warnings then confiscated X-rated films such as,  “Roti man makes house calls”, “Touch and go”,  “Confessions of a political aide”, and “Crony’s wife visits personal trainer.”

One stall operator felt the Police were too lenient.  “They seem to just come down to the same pasar malam DVD stalls each week, confiscate merchandise, and let vendors off with a stern warning!”

Patrolling officers made no comment as they were back at the station reviewing the confiscated evidence.





this did not happen.

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