Malaysian First Lady films cameo for Hobbit Film Sequel

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New Line have insisted that any likenesses between fantasy characters and cabinet members is coincidental.
New Line Films have insisted that any similarities between fantasy characters and Barisan Nasional cabinet members is completely coincidental.

WELLINGTON:  New Line Cinema and film director Peter Jackson expressed their thanks to the Malaysian First Lady this week for her  contribution and cameo in the forthcoming Hobbit sequel to be released late this year.

Director Jackson told FMN, “Audiences today particularly Tolkien fans have very high expectations for these films and we don’t want to disappoint.  Getting the right look and movement from the computer generated characters for the various roles can make or break these movies.  I’ve seen some of the results the animators have produced from working with Rosmah and the results truly exceeded my expectations!”

The famous director had struggled until recently to portray the villainous Smaug a huge evil dragon in its lair sitting atop a mountain of gold and precious stones.

“The Malaysian First Lady was an excellent performer and a true professional,” a CGI animator for the film told FMN, “we were able to use motion capture technology to film scenes of the bloated bovine’s movements atop a mountain of jewellery and precious stones.  To ensure authenticity, the First Lady insisted on supplying genuine treasure for the filming from her own personal hoard.”

“Our special effects team didn’t need to really direct her as such and she really looked like she was having a good time rolling around in the diamonds and gold for the animators,” explained Jackson, “she told the crew later that this how she spends her free time anyway.”





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