Missing online: Malaysian fails to update Facebook status 6 hours

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BANGSAR:  Parents and friends of 21 year old Nur Aliza feared the worst this afternoon when she failed to update her Facebook status for over six hours.

“I first suspected something was wrong around 2PM,” said a Facebook lurker following Nur, “the number of cute cat memes I received dropped dramatically from twelve an hour all the way down to about two.”

“She didn’t even ‘like’ the selfie I posted an hour ago of me in these new shoes,” said another FB friend, “It doesn’t seem like her at all!”

“I’ve been worried sick,” said her mother in a post, “It’s already 4PM and I still have no idea what she ate for lunch today.  Did she have an Assam Laksa like she normally does or did she try that new nasi padang place in town?  Surely she would have posted something on Instagram or Facebook if she was OK.”

“I’ve always been jealous of Nur,” a friend confessed to FMN, “her life on Facebook seems so much more exciting than mine that I had to invent my own fictional online romances, shopping trips and delicious dinners just to keep up.  Now that she is offline and unable to notice all the great fake stuff I’m posting I feel kind of cheated.”

A former school colleague who subscribes to Nur’s blog, twitter feed and Facebook page said, “I would do anything to know what she is doing this afternoon but I would never actually ring her on her handphone.  She’s not my BFF and I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of realising I’m actually reading her stupid FB posts.  I do have a life of my own you know!”

The police were finally called in to locate Nur online and at approximately 7pm the investigating officer Aziz bin Bakar posted his own status update on Facebook,  “Yes we have located Nur.  She was tired of all the pressure to present a fascinating online image to thousands of people online and wanted time alone, so she moved her profile to Google+

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