New Mont Kiara condo boasts breathtaking views of London

Well you’ve arrived.   Wealth has come your way but it hasn’t been easy has it?  Remember those school boys that mocked you? the cousin who laughed at your setbacks? and the sibling that lent you some start-up capital you never repaid?  Now you have risen above them all and reached above the pinnacle of the top of the heap.    It’s time to show them all you’ve made it so why not get a huge mortgage and join the elite few at Hampstead Towers Mont Kiara…
(From the sales literature promoting the new Hampstead Towers Mont Kiara Development )

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View to the south from the 30th story of the Mont Kiara based Hampstead Towers
View through the southern window on the 30th story of the Mont Kiara based Hampstead Towers

PUCHONG:  Lelong Cannot Bhd is famous for its sky high developments and price tags.   The luxurious Hilltop Estates (recently renamed as Hill Bottom Estates after an unfortunate landslide),  the Royal Mint,  and the Elegant Unique suites composed of 3,000 identical 2 bedroom apartments.  Today their latest development Hampstead Towers is the talk of the town.

“It is very special living here with such luxury,” one Hampstead Towers owner told FMN,  “It’s the little touches like the butlers that fluff your pillows while you sleep and the string quartet playing in the elevators that makes one feel rich.”

FMN sat with award-winning architect Abdullah Bin Hanafi to talk about the groundbreaking Hampstead design.  “It’s difficult to shift luxury Malaysian properties these days without a unique sales gimmick,” he said, “our Hampstead Towers is the only development in the country that caters to those who want views of the London skyline.  Each Mt. Kiara condominium is hooked up via satellite to a sister development of ours in Southbank.  24hours a day we beam live pictures of the Thames river  onto massive LCD screens mounted on the windows of each KL apartment.  Now you can be home and abroad at the same time!”

Sadly the Hampstead Hills sister development, Mt Kiara Hills located in Southbank London  hasn't been so well received by British property buyers
Sister development London based Mont Kiara Hills has not  been so well received by British property buyers.

“I bought myself a beautiful 3 bedroom residence on the 32nd floor and love the gorgeous view of the Thames,” said a new Hampstead owner, “It’s perfect except for only one problem which is the British sun rises around 11am Malaysian time.  I just lost my job for sleeping through so many important morning meetings at the office!”

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