EC postpones by-election to allow PKR time to explain ‘Kajang Move’

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The government is grateful that the opposition is sharing its political strategies publicly as part of its public sector transparency pledge.


KAJANG:  The Malaysian Election Commission is an impartial government body that coincidentally falls under the Prime Minister’s department.  After careful consideration, it has fixed the date of the Kajang by-election for March 23rd, 55 days into its maximum 60 day legal allowance.

These Malay performers prepare to step down as part of the popular 'Kajang dance move'
Young traditional Malay dancers prepare to step down for a more experienced performer as part of a new dance also called the ‘Kajang move’

“We were really surprised by this by-election,” admitted an EC spokesman, “we normally can set a polling date in a month if an MP dies, but this so-called ‘Kajang move’ has caught us completely unprepared!

“Given the unusual political nature of this ‘Kajang Move’ the EC has allotted more time for PKR to publicly explain in detail their secret internal political strategies and provide everyone with details of their secret plans.  Once they have done this sufficiently, then they can get on with normal by-election campaigning.”

“This extra time before the by-election poll is really handy”, said a Barisan Nasional political strategist, “hopefully this gives us enough time to think up a way to  beat them!”

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