Malaysia trolls Singapore over crappy press freedom ranking

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KUALA LUMPUR: News broke recently that out of 180 countries, Malaysia has fallen two places to 147th on the 2014 World Press Freedom Index.  Malaysians consoled themselves today by celebrating the results as a victory over Singapore who are ranked further down the list at 150.

A Malaysian artist's impression of Singapore, a country suffering under strict media censorship.
An artist’s impression of Singapore.  The people here suffer  heavily censored state controlled media (unlike Malaysia.)

“Suck it up Singapore!” said self appointed media freedom analyst Annie Wan, “I’m in such a great mood that I might drive over the causeway tonight and gamble away a few thousand ringgit at Marina Bay Sands.  That will teach those smug Singaporeans a lesson!”

“I bet those poor people living in Singa-stan would just love to be 147th so they could read the fair and balanced news reports we Malaysians enjoy so much!” said another patriot.

“Singapore should have a really long hard look at itself ,” said a Malaysian newspaper journalist, “I’ve just written a scathing piece that really criticizes their government controlled media.  I hope the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission gives me permission to publish it!”

Editors Note:- Bangladeshis, Filipinos and Indonesians working in Malaysia are reminded not to inform Immigration Officials that their home countries are ranked higher on the PFI than Malaysia.  Otherwise they may suddenly find their visa status under review.

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