5 reasons why the Lego Movie insults Malaysia

JOHOR:  A fiercely pro-government organisation is calling for a ‘Teresa Kok’ style protest at Legoland Johor.  NGO Persatuan Konsumer Malaysia (PCM) released a statement today explaining why the popular U-rated Lego Movie is an insult to Malaysia.  It is reproduced below;


Insult 1

The Lego Movie mocks knowing one’s place in the world, blindly following instructions and being distracted by government sanctioned television.  Is this children’s entertainment? or seditious satire about Malaysia?

Insult 2

The Lego Movie celebrates diversity with the ridiculous notion that all yellow people are uniquely special.  This idea is very hurtful to Malaysians who enjoy special treatment due to race, family or political connections.

Insult 3

The Lego Movie says we all have the potential to become master builders when in truth,  only certain well-connected individuals can get rich by building huge infrastructure projects.  To suggest anyone can do it is upsetting to hard working politicians, cronies and lobby groups who have spent a lifetime trying to get kickbacks from building expensive things.

Insult 4

This brave policeman is chasing down the government’s enemies and crushing illegal protests.  Why isn’t he the hero of the movie?

Insult 5

These characters mock the King, Prime Minister and Islam.  We aren’t exactly sure how yet, but will come up with a reason once one of us actually watches the movie!

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