Water crisis solved: Terengganu MB to tapau icebergs on new Antarctic voyage

Submitted by Climate Crisis Editor,

KUALA TERENGGANU:  Parched Malaysians across the peninsula breathed a sigh of relief today with the announcement that state renowned climate change expert Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Said had a practical solution to the current water crisis.

“I will lead a follow-up delegation to Antarctica this Saturday,” he informed reporters, “unlike my January visit which was to solve the problem of temperature changes across the globe, this new voyage will be focused on collecting icebergs and tapauing them back to Malaysia to replenish our dwindling reservoirs.”

Millions of these innovative portable water containers have been purchased by the government at a cost of RM100 each.
Millions of these innovative portable liquid containers have been purchased for the tapau ais operation at a cost of RM100 each.
The MB's hand picked Iceberg retrieval team strategise the extraction process by working with this scale model.
The MB’s hand-picked iceberg retrieval team strategise the upcoming extraction process by closely studying this scale model.


“In my humble opinion I’m the most qualified person to lead this critical operation,” Ahmad explaining in closing,  “Without access to water, the entire structure of Malaysian society could collapse, and if there is one thing we Terengganu people know all about, it’s the dangers of collapsing structures!


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