Part of Sungai Buloh Prison reopening as University for Africans

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SELANGOR: Malaysian colleges have invited overseas students from all over the world to obtain degrees at their campuses.  While most of these students are studying hard for a better life, the Dean of a new University has found an innovative way to capture the fast-growing Nigerian prison inmate demographic.

Professor Ahmad Bin Ali told FMN,  “According to the Home Ministery, we have 400 Africans in the Malaysian prison system and over 1500 who have overstayed their student visas since 2010.  Our new Universiti Afrika Malaysia located in Sungai Buloh Prision is an attempt to give these kids a second chance while collecting lots of student fees!

“Conducting these courses in prison keeps course material relevant and gives student inmates a feel for the consequences their criminal career path will take them,” he said.

A college graduate in computer studies shows his skills at setting up dubious internet profiles to con lonely Malaysians.
A Nigerian taking Computer Dating Scam Studies at the prison demonstrates his skills at setting up dubious internet profiles to con lonely Malaysians out of their money.

Convicted criminal Peter Odili was thrilled after enrolling in the prison university.  “These courses are brilliant!  I’ve already enrolled in ‘Nigerian royalty’ scam letter writing, credit card cloning, identity theft and forging passports!”

“I also plan to take ‘Finance Charm School’ to learn how to win the heart’s and bank accounts of vulnerable divorced Malaysian women.  I hear it’s a good way to make a living because the victims are too embarrassed to admit to police they have been scammed!”

“I’m quite pleased with the enthusiasm African students have for the new courses,” said Professor Ahmad, “I recently bumped into a former graduate in a dark alley and he said he remembered his prison college days fondly while he stole my wallet.  Another student emailed me to explain he needed to hide US$20 Million in my back account.  Seeing these foreigners benefit from a Malaysian education is very rewarding!”

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