PAS: We will never abandon our dream of a Malaysia that stones, mutilates and executes criminals

Submitted by Medieval Prosecution Editor,

PETALING JAYA: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang spoke out today against those who disagreed with Kelantan’s intention to carry out hudud law.

“These are God’s laws and cannot be questioned.  Hudud laws have already been implemented without problem in several prosperous utopias such as Nigeria, Yemen, Jordan and Pakistan.   I’m sure they will work in nicely with multi-racial Malaysia’s moderate image and economic goals.  The government has announced a panel to discuss hudud so you can be sure they are very serious about talking about being serious about it!”

In a message to his opposition allies he said, “Non-muslims shouldn’t block hudud as it’s punishments are for muslims only.  We only said ‘PAS is for all’ when we needed votes in the election.  Don’t worry, we stopped saying that last year!”

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