Cops detain massage chairs in anti-vice raid

copy arrest chair

Submitted by Happy Ending Sofa Editor,

SHAH ALAM:  Selangor police conducting anti-vice raids have detained 35 massage chairs openly plying their trade in shopping malls across the state.

“These chairs come into the country from China on an importation visa,” said Inspector Isa Offendi,  “Most lounge furniture residing in the country are content to stay within the law, but some chairs can’t resist the lure of making a little extra money on the side.”

A shopper at PKNS Shah Alam told FMN, “If I had to endure the hardship of being assembled in a poorer country, only to ultimately have farty aunties sitting on me day and night in Malaysia, then I might do anything for a brighter future too.”

Insp Isa said in closing, “we will continue our raids, but it’s very difficult to completely stop this from happening, because so many eager customers who demand these special services.  The day I told my wife about these sleazy chairs she raced out to the mall and bought one for herself!”

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