14 things that would happen if Godzilla attacked KL

We are really excited about the new Godzilla movie.   From what we hear, the big guy won’t be stomping through KL in the film, but what if he really did?  Here are 14 things that might happen.

1. Big traffic Jams

godzilla 1

2. The damage would be catastrophic

godzilla 2

3. The Prime Minister would maintain an ‘elegant silence’ about the divisive Godzilla issue.  (He cant be expected to speak up every time some big mouth comes to town!)

4. Our Government would take immediate action.

godzilla extra


5. More traffic problems

godzilla 5

6. Everyone would be taking ‘Godzilla selfies’

godzilla 6

….and be proud to receive Godzilla photo bombs!



7. Shutter heads would be trying to capture ‘forced perspective’ photographs with the mighty behemoth.

godzilla 8

8. Will our heroes come to our rescue?

9. Our Defense Minister would plan a way for us to strike back!

godzilla 9

10. Some would identify those responsible for the monster menace…

godzilla 10

11. Many will flee

godzilla 11

12. Those who love all things Japanese will be delighted

godzilla 122


13. Mamak menu items would include monster sized portions…

godzilla 13

14. Eventually, we racially tolerant 1Malaysians would accept Godzilla as one of our own and turn our attention towards the next crisis…

godzilla 14

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