PM, UMNO considers suing Facebook over defamatory reader comments

Submitted by Offensive Internet Publications Editor,

PUTRAJAYA:    Malaysian social media addicts were shocked today after news broke that in addition to Malaysiakini, Facebook could also be sued for allowing a defamatory online comments system.

“Internet websites such as Malaysiakini and Facebook allow people to think, interact, make jokes and insult the authority,” said a spokesman from the PM’s department,  “We don’t mind it so much when people degrade opposition members during by-elections, but some of these comments are hurtful to a PM trying his best to keep us all in power!”

“This legal action on internet portals is not part of any serious crackdown,” he reminded the press, “it’s just what human rights loving modern democracies do to scare the pants off anyone with an online presence!

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was not available for comment, but he has since ‘unfriended‘ the Prime Minister.

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