Malaysian World Cup oracle fails to predict own future as sotong kangkung

Submitted by Aquatic Football Forecasting Editor,

sotong kangkung
Our oracle expected Spain to do a lot better against Chile

PETALING JAYA:  Football loving customers of the Damansara Uptown Hawker Centre have been hoping local octopus Gwa Soh Tong could fill the famous tentacles of deceased World Cup oracle Paul for this year’s FIFA tournament.

Sadly, Gwa Soh Tong’s match predictions have been very costly to football gamblers.  The mollusc incorrectly predicted open round match victories for Portugal, England, Australia and Spain.

“Listen, I’m just an octopus living here in a tank!  I don’t know anything about winning footballing teams!  It’s surprising how many of you put so much faith in what flag I choose to sit on,” it said speaking over the sound of frying chilli and garlic.  “I fell asleep between the Japanese and Greek flags ahead of their drawn match, can I take a little credit for predicting that one?”

Gamblers later forgave the eight legged forecaster at a delicious hawker seafood dinner which he attended as the featured dish.

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