Perkasa flying to Baghdad to solve Iraq crisis

Perkasa Ibrahim Ali

Submitted by Middle Eastern Resolution Editor,

KUALA LUMPUR:   Malay supremacist group Perkasa announced today it is sending a delegation to fix the rapidly deteriorating situation in Iraq.

“We believe the Iraqi government wants our help, but their phone lines were probably down so they couldn’t ask,” party president Datuk Ibrahim Ali told the press,  “We have a return ticket to Baghdad, which gives us about a week to resolve this bitter centuries old Sunni-Shiite conflict!”

In reply to a reporter’s question on how Perkasa intend to achieve Iraqi peace, Ali said, “We aren’t 100% sure, I just realised our ideas of threatening to behead Islamic enemies, restricting the use of Allah, and pushing for special economic privileges isn’t that helpful when Muslims are fighting other Muslims!”

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