Tolerating KL city clueless will only encourage them to stay say experts

Submitted By : Urban Empathy Editor,

KUALA LUMPUR:  Compassionate Malaysians have found themselves sympathising with the plight of the rapidly growing city clueless population.   Clueless people, many of whom seem to have been dropped on their heads as babies, are doing their best to survive political life through the implemention of absurd government policies.

Forcing the clueless into centres like this one, is one solution to get them out of KL.
Forcing the clueless into centres such as this, is one solution to get them out of KL.

“I know we have a clueless population” said a city office worker, “I used to notice them gathering in pointless govt commitee meetings, press conferences and UMNO rallies.  They can be lazy, spreading diseases like corruption, and they also encourage a begging culture, particularly when they want votes at election time.  I know it sounds cruel, but after spending a while living in the city, you teach yourself not to really notice them anymore.”

“If we start listening to the clueless, it only encourages them, then more will come to KL.” said an urban beautification expert.   If we can just move them all away, I’m sure the image of the city will greatly improve.”


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