Expat Harry Righer Wondering Why Malaysians Are Talking About Him This Week

harry righer

KL SENTRAL:   An American 29-year-old on contract in KL, said he could not explain why he seemed to suddenly be very popular this week.

Sipping his soy berry mocha frappuccino, expatriate Harry Righer said,  “it seems Malaysians can’t get enough of me!  In the past few weeks, I’ve overheard my work colleagues saying, ‘I cant wait for Harry Righer,’ and ‘I just love Righer!’  I’ve only been with the company a short time, but I think I must be the coolest, most awesome person these guys have ever met!”

“My Malaysian co-workers also seem to talk a lot about another expat, a Mr Belek Qambong?  His name sounds Czech or something!”


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