PKR confident of wresting Selangor from PKR


Submitted by Political Ambition Editor,

SHAH ALAM:  Today, PKR leaders reiterated their commitment to liberating Malaysia’s richest state from itself.

“We have heard the people of Malaysia crying out for change, and God willing, we will give it to them,” said party strategist, Rafizi Ramli to enthusiastic cheers, “PKR might be seen as the underdog in this fight against a well entrenched regime, but we must believe we can take on PKR and win!”

“If we do fail, all is not lost,” Rafizi continued, “the Patakan alliance have a backup plan of strategically imploding, before being decimated in GE14.  Then we get a tsunami of sympathy votes during GE15, and take Putrajaya in 2022!  Victory will be ours!”

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