Anwar’s lawyer’s lawyer also charged with sedition

Anwars lawyers lawyer

Submitted by Seditious Litigator Comments Editor,

KUALA LUMPUR:  In a legal case without precedent, the lawyer acting on behalf of the lawyer acting on behalf of Malaysia’s opposition leader was charged with sedition for his remarks over the weekend.

PKR Lawyer Mr Gunasekaran Arunkumar, is accused of making a seditious comment relating to his client’s seditious comment relating to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II charge which is an act punishable under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act and potentially involve a jail term not exceeding 3 years.

“I am not guilty!” insisted Mr Arunkumar, “I was only advising my client, Anwar’s lawyer Mr N. Surendran, that his own sedition charge is part of a political conspiracy masterminded by the Prime Minister!”

PKR lawyer Latheefa Koya who will be defending Mr Arunkumar said, “What if I say something seditious when talking about my client’s sedition charge?  Then Anwar’s lawyer’s lawyer’s lawyer will need a lawyer and this entire case will turn into some sort of courtroom Russian doll fiasco!”

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