New iPhone 6 will automatically post nude photos of you online

iphone 6

Submitted by Compromising Online Pictures Editor,

KUALA LUMPUR:  While the official launch of the new iPhone 6 is planned for next week, the first leaked prototypes have made their way to Malaysia.

“This new iPhone 6 will be the first smartphone equipped with new covert nude technology,” said a 40-year-old Gizmo hacker still living with his mother. “It will covertly take compromising pictures of its owner naked, then without their knowledge, upload them onto the internet for all the world to see!”

Samsung, Google and Microsoft have all rubbished the new covert nude photo features, but promised to add similar functionality to their phones over the coming months anyway.

Meanwhile, Malaysian men have publicly voiced their disgust at the recently leaked intrusive nude photos of celebrities, while quietly searching for them via Google at the same time.

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