Govt reveals plan to lure Malaysian jihadists home with nasi kandar photo tweets

nasi kandar foodSubmitted by Culinary Craving Anti-terrorism Editor,

PUTRAJAYA:  The Malaysian government believes the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) does no justice to Islam and is a barbaric terrorist organisation.  Today, an ingenious plan was revealed to get extremist Malaysians fighting in Syria to return home.

“A new tactical tastebud-centred campaign has been devised by a special government working committee,” said a spokesman in the PM’s department, “We will be using Facebook and Twitter to broadcast tantalising food images to homesick Malaysian jihadists in Syria who are no doubt missing our delicious local cuisine.

“Extremists might think fighting will get them to heaven, but our food is like heaven for your mouth!  No true-blooded Malaysian could continue their overseas makan martyrdom once we initiate our high resolution,  food porn assault!

Experts however, were quick to question the effectiveness of the initiative.  “There is no evidence to suggest sending mixed rice pictures to radical Malaysians will bring them back to their loved ones.  If anything, what forces them home is the rotten WIFI in Syria.  How else can they post their bad-ass gun toting selfies on Facebook?”

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