Caterer Brahims to open Burger King Restaurants on all MAS flights

Brahims burger king

Submitted by Frying in the Sky Editor,

KUALA LUMPUR:  In a bold move to bring passengers back to Malaysian airlines, In flight caterer Brahims today announced plans to purchase the Burger King franchise in order to open BK restaurants on all domestic and international flights.

Brahims sky high fast food manager Ali Burger Bakar told FMN, “Soon, passengers will receive Burger King meal vouchers at MAS check in counters that can be redeemed at Burger King restaurants onboard.”

“We are initially testing Burger King outlets on flights to Bangkok and Vietnam, with plans to roll out BK restaurants on all MAS Boeing 747, A380 Airbus, 737 and 777 by year end,” he said.

“Vegetarians will still be catered for, and we are exploring ways to safely extract burger kitchen cooking smells without losing cabin pressure.”

Feedback for the new inflight BK meals has been encouraging, with the exception of celebrity Chef Wan, who was overheard saying he prefers his whoppers to be naked.

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