Anwar rules out marrying Azmin Ali and appointing himself husband of Selangor MB

Anwar Azmin

Submitted by Political Puppetry Editor,

SELANGOR:  Utusan’s respected fictional columnist, Awang Selamat reported Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has asked Dr Wan Azizah to step down from her post as wife last night, to make way for him to marry the new Selangor MB Azmin Ali and finally complete his Kajang Move.

“Yes Anwar has been overheard saying he will stop at nothing to either be MB, or be married to a Selangor MB, but even he must draw the line somewhere,” said a PKR spokesman, “like Anwar, Azmin Ali is already a happily married man.  There would be a lot of collateral damage attempting such a wedding in a country where it remains illegal for marital pairing between men of the same gender.”

Sources close to Anwar confirmed that the PKR camp are exhausted after 9 months of political scheming and have decided to try their hand at governing instead.

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