Khalid leaves thumbtack on new MB Azmin’s chair


Submitted by No Hard Feelings Editor,

SELANGOR:  Hours after taking his oath of office today, Bukit Antarabangsa assembly person Mohamed Azmin Ali, discovered painfully, that his predecessor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had left a ‘little present’ on his chair in the Selangor MB’s office.

“The thumbtacks were a hurtful reminder that in politics, there are no friends,” said Azmin nursing his injured backside, “we don’t have room in PKR for those who can’t be team players, and stunts like this are part of the reason we ousted Khalid in the first place!”

However Khalid denied any wrongdoing by leaving the sharp thumbtacks where Azmin would sit,  “During my final duties as Selangor MB yesterday, I scrapped all stationery cabinets as part of a quick state cost-cutting drive.  With nowhere to keep our office thumbtacks, I simply placed them on the MB’s office chair for safe keeping!”

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