Sedition arrests to continue until harmony achieved

IGP Malaysia

Submitted by Too Frightened To Write Anything Editor,

PETALING JAYA:  The IGP confirmed today, that Malaysia’s Sedition dragnet which critics believe is politically motivated, will continue until national harmony is achieved.

Ironic tweets like this one contain hidden messages that question our government, rulers, and constitution
Seditious, ironic tweets like this one contain hidden messages challenging our government, Malay rights, religious freedom, rulers, and constitution.

“The hassle of being charged for anything one has said, written, or posted online anytime since birth, is a small price to pay to ensure unity, peace and harmony,” said a Government source.

A non-government linked think tank comprised of highly educated Malaysian intellectuals with profound insights and ingenious solutions for the country’s future, have decided to keep quiet and let the government do all the talking.  Experts say it will still be an inspiring national conversation.

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