Man who illegally films in cinemas furious with pirates who copy his work

movie piracy

GSC MID VALLEY:   Local cinema cam ripper Lei Ying Low admitted he was considering quitting the business today after his latest movie was leaked online hours before its scheduled pasar malam copy DVD release.

“I discovered a poor quality copy of my ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’  in-cinema camcorder rip was uploaded onto YouTube before I got the chance to finalise my fake package cover design and burn the DVDs! ” Lei Complained.

“I re-shot that ‘Guardians’  bootleg three times, because the cinema audience noise was so loud.  In the end, my sound guy taped a digital recording of the audio and we synced it up with my film rip on Final Cut Pro.  The whole production took all afternoon!”

“Seriously if people knew how hard it was for cinema cam artists like me to produce so-so quality film cam rips, and how our incomes are affected by online piracy, I’m sure they would think twice before downloading copies of my illegal movies!”

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