Singaporeans buy up iPhone 6 stocks then immediately move into queue for iPhone 7


Submitted by Kiasu Gadget Upgrade Editor,

ORCHARD ROAD:  Hours after the last iPhone 6 units were snapped up by eager Singaporean Apple fans, a new line for the yet to be announced iPhone 7 formed over the weekend.

“I thought people were littering in front of Apple resellers,” said a bystander,  “then I realised these tissue packets on the ground represent people queuing for the iPhone 7 on quick toilet breaks!  There are hundreds of people waiting, I’m sure the iPhone 7 will be huge hit even though nobody knows yet what it is.”

“I loved the iPhone 6,” said an owner,  “I thought it was the best smartphone ever invented, but now two weeks after buying one, I just feel kind of meh.  Maybe it’s the after affects of swapping a kidney for a Gold 128GB iPhone 6 plus, but I really think the iPhone 7 will be the perfect phone.   The ‘Apple genius’ at my store retaught me how to walk stifly so I don’t bend the iPhone 6 plus in my trousers, but it’s only a temporary solution for me until the iPhone 7 comes out in September 2015.”

In a separate statement, Google said Android users have already been using the much hyped Apple ‘bend feature’ since 2012.

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