AirAsia announces flights from one side of KLIA2 to the other

airasia klia2

Submitted by Forced Traveler Retail Therapy Editor,

SEPANG:  Foot-weary budget travelers celebrated today after low-cost Airline AirAsia announced the introduction of flights from the check in counters at the world’s biggest budget airport/mall, to the departure gates of various flights.

AirAsia’s Publicity Manager said in a statement, “New ticketing booths will be set up near the budget check-in desks so passengers can purchase a memorable flight through KLIA2, before boarding their normal domestic or international bound aircraft.”

“This new service is a welcome addition to AirAsia’s extensive regional network,”  explained Group CEO Tony Fernandes, “Since this new airport opened, we have noticed some families opting for 2 week KLIA2 shopping safaris instead of taking flights with us.  These new intra-KLIA2 flights should help boost our overall revenues.”

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