Saiful claims attacked and robbed by 70-year-old pensioner after appeal hearing


Submitted by Non-consenting Elderly Encounters Editor,

PETALING JAYA:  Sodomy2 complainant, Saiful Bukhari Azlan has demanded RM5mil in damages after he claimed a 70-year-old pensioner bashed and robbed him near the Palace of Justice earlier this evening.

Police say they see no evidence of physical harm that proves an attack took place, but allowed Saiful to find a doctor ‘qualified’ to confirm his physical injuries.

“This elderly uncle grabbed my smartphone and wallet, then hobbled away on his walking stick before I could give chase,” said Saiful, “please believe there really wasn’t much I could do to stop him.  I’m young, fit and healthy but I was somehow completely overpowered by this much older man! “

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