Experts: It’s not our fault we don’t believe transgenders have rights, we were just born this way!

Noh Omar confessed once he realised he was intolerant, it took a lot of courage to come out and tell everyone.
Noh Omar says it took a lot of courage to ‘come out’ and publicly admit he was intolerant of gays but now that he is out in the open, he recommends more govt officials do the same.

KUALA LUMPUR:  Following last week’s Court of Appeal ruling, today those who oppose the right of transgender men to dress as women, spoke out against their critics.

“I didn’t choose to be intolerant of other people’s personal choices,” said one man, “but that’s just who I am inside.    It’s not like denying transgenders the right to dress how they choose is contagious!  It’s OK if you believe what I’m doing is wrong, but why can’t Malaysians accept me for who I truly am?”

“I started feeling intolerant towards transgenders and gays around the age of 12,” said a religious cleric, “my father was furious, and my mother disappointed, but I couldn’t hide my feelings anymore.  I won’t be ashamed to express the real me!”

“I cant live my life as a lie, pretending I’m something I’m not.   This is me.  I’m LGBT intolerant and I can’t just change.  It may be wrong to some people, but I was born this way!  I just wish these ‘cross dressers’ could somehow understand what it’s like to be me!”

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