PM: Repeal the Sedition Act? What was that Guy in 2012 Thinking?

Submitted by Expedient Back-flip Editor,

PWTC: Today the Prime Minister lashed out at a pre-election liberalist reformer, who promised to replace the current Sedition Act with a National Harmony Act.

“I imagine that man had good intentions,” he told the gathered press, “he was wanting to uphold freedom of expression, and strengthen national cohesion between the races, but those old school policies are never going to work in the current tumultuous climate we find ourselves in today!”

“What we need is a good old fashioned 1948 colonial act with some pro Islam and Sabah/Sarawak cession upgrades.  That will do the trick!”

“How could we possibly repeal a law that never applies to the ruling party, or critical former Prime Ministers?  A law that instils fear in the hearts of academics, journalists, online critics and opposition members that they might one day be charged at our discretion?”

“Seriously, I don’t know what that guy in 2012 was thinking!”

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