KL Aquarium Relocated to KLIA2 says Transport Minister

klia2 ponding


SEPANG:¬†Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai today announced the world’s largest airport marine park will be added to KLIA2.

“This Aquarium eco-project is an opportunity for people flying out of the country to see rare Malaysian pond water species like the grey asphalt bass, and the runway apron carp,” said Liow.¬† “Some fish get a little shy around visitors, and hide in air strip cracks, but if they hear the sound of a landing Airbus A320, they come up to the surface to feed, or float turn upside down.”

Skilled KLIA2 groundstaff carefully prepare the delicate fresh water habitats.
Skilled KLIA2 ground staff carefully prepare the delicate fresh water fish habitats.


“In addition to pond wildlife watching, aquarium visitors can try deep diving into the KLIA2 accounts to find out exactly who thought building runways in swamps without proper dredging and soil treatment was a good idea!”


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