Local Illegal Gambling Operators offer to help Home Minister with ‘National Security Projects’

illegal gambling malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR:  Since it was revealed Sarawakian sports gambling billionaire and suspected triad member, Paul Phua has been secretly assisting the Home Ministry with national security projects, Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi has been inundated with applications from patriotic Malaysian gambling kingpins ready to serve the country.

“Malaysia is my home,” said the boss of a secret gambling den Wai Yu Hia, “and if me operating lucrative gaming tables, taking football bets, or running fake 4D lotteries can help keep the nation safe, I want the Home Minister to know I’m ready to help any way I can!”

This photo of two corpuscles wagering who can pass first through a Beijing Man’s right atrium, has proved prominent Umno lawyer Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah correct in saying the Chinese have gambling ‘in their blood.’  This explains why the FBI arresting Malaysian Home Ministry informants who run illegal sports betting syndicates is in his words ‘no big deal.’

“I don’t know why the Home Minister needs gambling kingpins to protect the country, but I hope they choose me as an accomplice,” said an online poker CEO, “If I ever get busted overseas, a letter from the Home Minister defending me could be really helpful!”

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