Arm Selfie Stick Trend Sweeps Nation

arm selfie

MALAYSIA:  Local hipsters have moved away from using regular aluminum selfie sticks in favour of a revolutionary organic extremity alternative, it was revealed today.

Non arm selfie sticks are so 2014
Non arm selfie sticks are so 2014

“I love my selfie stick but sometimes I find I’m unable to take pictures of myself when I leave it in my car,” said 24 year old Nur binti Abdullah.  “using these meaty arm things attached to my torso seems to be a nice alternative.  I can adjust them to take pictures at most angles and they’re fully compatible with all the current smartphones and camera apps on the market!”

PM selfie
When you’re on a junket, selfies are a great way to show people back home you are hard at work when you’re really just goofing around.

“People don’t understand how much pressure young people are under these days.  You mean I have to be my own social media publicist?   I resent the fact I have to have a good time just because I just because it says so on my Instagram account!”

“Where did I get my selfie limb sticks? I can’t remember.  I just woke up this morning, and there they were!”

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